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Lovely Zoey enjoyed the flower gardens during her long stay at Riverview. When Zoey entered the program in the winter of 2009, she was already facing multiple surgeries. Her owners could not afford the medical care Zoey needed, nor could they provide the long term rehabilitation. Sadly, they called YGRR. Zoey had a problem with her cruciate ligament (ACL), as well as bilateral hip dysplasia. Her injury was unusual in that her ACL was stretched but not torn. However, this still meant her knee was completely unstable. Her surgery was performed at Angell Memorial in Boston and she subsequently spent a number of months in rehabilitation at Riverview.
Everyone who met Zoey loved her sweet personality! Perfect adopters were found to take Zoey home and they have been in touch with the staff on numerous occasions to say what a perfect fit Zoey is for their family. Zoe will return to Riverview for two more surgeries, one for each hip. In the meantime, she is enjoying being part of a loving family.
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What a gorgeous gal. So glad she's found her forever family that will help her along her path of healing.
God bless Zoey and God Bless her wonderful adopted family!!!
I can't imagine how hard it must have been to give this beautiful girl away.
My heart goes out to her original family!
She is just beautiful. I am so glad that she is healthy again and got her furever home.
What a great story with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing. Zoey is a beautiful girl.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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