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Facts About Zoelie:

1.) D.O.B. - September 9, 2008 (approx. 18 months old)
2.) Born in Münstermaifeld, Germany
3.) An alpha female
4.) Has a lot of heart
5.) Doesn't give up easily
6.) Went into heat in October 2009
7.) Not fixed and never bred
8.) Raised in a very social environment
9.) Very intelligent
10.) Understands the following commands:
"Sit" "Stay" "Bleib" "Down" "All the way down (head between paws on floor)" "komm her/Come Here" "Get it" "Get your leash" "get your toy" "bring it here" "turn" "speak" "shake (will shake with either paw depending which you point at)" "go potty" "nein/no"
11.) Is current on shots and extremely healthy (not overweight)
12.) She has only been fed Organic food. *We are looking for someone who can AFFORD to continue feeding her in this manner.*
13.) Favorite treats: Raw, whole Organic Carrots - Organic Bananas - Organic Celery with lots of Peanut Butter - Organic Apples - Organic Lettuce (A head of lettuce is wonderful for both her and anyone watching.) - Newman's Own Organic Treats - Cooked Organic Potatoes - both raw and hard-boiled Organic eggs (with the shell) - Organic Nuts - Organic Peanut Butter
14.) Loves salt-water swimming pools or just simple wading pools

We raised her in Germany from November 2008 until April 2009. We moved to the U.S. and brought her with us. We operated a tobacco shop with 10-15 employees working in the building with us. She was not only loved by all of them, but the customers also grew very attached to her. We had to close our shop last month and we now work from home. She needs a family with children to play with. She needs to expel her energy running and playing in a big yard (which we unfortunately don't have.) She needs to be walked a couple of times a day. Unfortunately, in our current situation, we can not care for her properly. She is a very happy girl and we want her to stay that way. In order for her to have what she deserves, we have to give her up. We have spent quite a bit of money and time on Zoelie and we would like to know that she will be taken care of in the same manner that we have.

Please let us know if you are interested, have any questions or just some helpful advice.

Many thanks,


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Welcome to the forum. I sorry you are not able to keep your Zoelie. Your thread was a bit of a Deja Vu for me since the last time I responded to a thread like this I ended up bringing Caue home from New York city to northern Maine.

There are several members here that are involved in golden rescues in California that could probably give you some great advice in rehoming your pup. Or better yet maybe a forum member will step up to the plate and we will have another epic dog transport to cheer for.

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Welcome to the board. I'm sorry you found it when you need to give up your Golden. I would encourage you to contact the Golden rescues in your area to find her a new home. They are the best resource for screening adopters and making sure they get the best possible home. You can find a list on the GRCA website here:

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Contact Homewardbound Golden Retriever Rescue. If they cannot take her they can probably refer you to another Reputable Rescue. Sharlin on this forum is a good person to contact. Claire's Friend is another. I know you cannot PM as of yet, but I hope you can make contact. You CAN call HBGRR or email them directly.

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