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you've seen the gopher.. now meet the pig..

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She hasn't dug much AT ALL only to slightly cover up her bone....

I let her out this morning and took a 30 min nap and went to get her to bring her back inside since she isn't suppose to "get a bath" for 11 days after being spayed... yeeaaaa.....

She was sloshing/digging in a pretty big hole filled with water. Making a pool?? I wasn't as thrilled as the other GR mom. I said no and did my little hand clap or whatever for a loud noise and she ran to me with her sorry face. I go into the house again to get my shoes on and had to take a pic. She did make me laugh after I turned around to look at her.

So I let her dry outside and she cleaned up pretty good on her own but I had to clean her legs off before she could come back inside.. What a little brat....
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Oh but a very proud of herself brat from the looks of it! How funny. She's so cute!
She was VERY happy! I watched her after I coverd the holes up making sure she'd stay out of it and she was jumping around and rolling in the wet grass... I bet you when we go to the lake next year she wont go near it.. lol She's so odd but so interesting.
Like when you sit down on the ground to pet her she tries to put her rear leg up on you.... Our only guess is thats one way of her to get you to pet her belly. Her other way is to "ride a wheelie" as my husband says and gets on her hind legs and grabs your arm with her paws. lol

Definatly a different breed!!
Looks like she had a great time!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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