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Yesterday I did a Waterfowl ID class for the youths participating in the Youth Waterfowl Program/Hunt. I followed with a retrieving demo with Thor. Simple but entertaining.
Demo included:
1. Single retrieve through floating decoys.
2. Double retrieve, one in decoys and one that required a swim through tall Spartina grass.
3. Remote send for a retrieve.
4. A blind through marsh.
5. Land blind in the uplands.
6. Q&A on training the retrieve---how long it takes plus a demo of what the dog should do when I say "Fetch". This is a first for me, i.e. questions on the actual training.

My demo was done on the salt marsh. When I planted my blind earlier in the day I had dry land. By the time I did the demo this area was underwater because the tide had risen. I had to sit Thor in 9" of water. Something to keep in mind for next year.

We had fun.
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