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My mom recently told me that I'm "spoiling" my dog because he's pretty much always with me. I know I'm lucky enough right now to have him at work with me and that's not always going to be the I'm making the most of it while I can.

Also curious how much everyone here exercises their dogs a day. For reference, Ranger is just over a year and really calm guy in the house.

7:30 - 9:00am: I wake up and Ranger gets off my bed to go sleep on his bed while I get ready for work. Breakfast and a 20-30 min walk.

9:00 - 12:00pm: Ranger either looks at squirrels through the windows, naps, delivers file folders, or plays outside with my brother's dog.

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch break means we go for another 20-30 min walk

1:00 - 5:00pm: Same as the morning.

5:00 - 10:00pm: Supper, play time in the backyard (depending on weather), obedience, then another walk usually 30 - 60 mins (again, dependent on the weather). Usually by 8pm, Ranger's already snoozing on his bed waiting for me to hit the sack so he can join me on the "good" bed.

10:00pm: Outside for one last pee break and squirrel check, then a goodnight cookie and bedtime.

Anyone else?

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Molly is pretty much always with me to! :p: Our usual day...

8h-9h...We get up. Go play in the backyard for at least 20 minutes.
after that I feed her.

Then from 9h-10h she takes a nap.

10h-12h we take a 1 hour walk and stop at the park for some running with the looong lead! After we come back and I give her a kong or some treat she can chew on. after that she rest until...

4h30. We go back to play in the backyard and/or a walk.

at 5h. she eats

and after that the evening she's pretty calm and will just hang out with me on the couch. If she's still 'frisky' I let her out in the yard for some zoomies :p:

And finally around 11h-12h we go to bed! :)


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7:30am~ I have to wake Bailey up to go potty. If I don't wake her up, I'll forget due to getting the kids off to school.

8:00-8:30~ Playtime with the two younger girls before they head off to school.

9am~ Breakfast then we play fetch

10am-12~ sleep time for a while

12:30-1:45~ we go for an hour walk or so. I'd go earlier, but it's winter and I like for it to warm up a bit.

2-3pm~ 2nd nap time and snuggle time with Mom for the day. :D My favorite is snuggling with her

4-5pm~ play time with the kids before dinner

6pm~ Dinner time and more play time with the kids. Usually hide and seek with the all the lights off in the house.

7:30pm~ Out for the night.

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I wish Jamie would read your posts! He gets me up at 6:30 every morning. We go downstairs for breakfast.

We leave for work about 8:00.

9-12 he sleeps in the office.

12-1:30 we are at the dog park.

2-5 he sleeps in the office.

When we get home about 5:30 he has dinner.

We go upstairs to bed about 8pm.

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???- wakes up and sneaks into my bed. Waits for me to wake up.
7-8ish - endulges in the joy that I'm awake, the sun is up, and its the start of a new day. Races to the kitchen to make sure the other dogs finished thier breakfasts. Out to pee/play with Annie (roommate's dog).
8-10ish - runs around with toys. Drives Annie crazy. Waits for his breakfast -does a happy dance when it arrives - eats. Out for a walk.
10-5ish - Naps. Plays. Naps. Plays. Naps. Obedience practice. Plays. Naps. Plays.
5 - 10ish - Greets roommates returning from work with a toy...plays... waits to be fed...happy dance...eats...plays....out for a walk....depending on day goes to agility class/crate time while I go out ....plays...plays....plays...
10pm - Asleep.
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