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Your days with your pup

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I've been thinking a lot lately about the little routines Stella and I have that keep us connected, and wondering what other peoples' days with their pups are like. Care to share?

Every morning when I wake up, before I get out of bed I say "Stella!" very quietly, and she crawls out of her crate where she sleeps at night, and hops in bed with me. She snuggles up next to me and I put my arm around her and sometimes we go back to sleep, but mostly she just gets tummy rubs and rolls around.
Then we go to my boyfriend's grandma's house, or he'll take her there when I go to work, where she plays ball with about 5 different people about 50 different times throughout the day ...
During the day she'll end up making herself scarce, and you'd nearly forget she was even here once she tucks herself behind a chair and naps under a window or by the door, where the sun can hit her.
Then, at night, before I go to sleep, she gets back in bed with me for cuddles. If my boyfriend is there, he'll cuddle her too, and then eventually picks her up in both arms like a baby, and puts her on her special pillow on the ground at the foot of the bed. Within minutes after the lights are off, you can hear her get back in her crate for the night.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night scared half to death because she was dreaming and whimpering in her sleep! It was funny afterward, but I had no idea if something was down there hurting her or something, haha. Turns out, she just talks in her sleep!

Your turn!
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We do. We re so tuned into each other that they also get sad mondays are work days.

Noah hangs with me most of the time, so he is like my shadow...loves being with me. they both like naps at certain times. Scout is the first to wake for food in the morning. Scout has his day planned around food time. Noah around our work time during the week and knows when it's friday as he get "happy."

Love that photo you have posted.
WOW, I don't know where to begin. The boys and I spend almost every minute together all day, every day! They stay lying by me till I get up in the morning, even if I go back to sleep after my DH leaves for work. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is feed them and then they go outside. If we are having a day at home, we go out for retrieves several times a day. and when Dad gets home, he takes them out a few times for a retrieve in the yard also.
If I am reading, watching TV or a movie, they lie by me on the couch or at my feet. Many times a day we play fetch with balls or toys in the livingroom. : )

I do go places without them sometimes but when I get home, I get a giant greeting, you'd think I'd been gone forever! If I go visit my daughter and grandkids in Omaha, the boys go along. They love road trips!
Stella's birthday is the same as mine!! :D
Misty and I have just moved back to my house in GA from CA a few weeks ago, so we are trying to get into a routine. She sleeps on my bed and on the floor..usually starts out on my bed, moves to the floor and then when shes ready to get up she get back on the bed and lays near to me with her head resting on me til I wake up. then I pet her and talk to her for a while....till I want to get up. I have another dog too...shes my duaghters dog so when we get up Riley (my daughters dog) and Misty tear down the stairs and to the go out, then they eat and play.
Thats about it for our routine....
I love your dogs name by the way... :D oh and shes a beauty!!
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