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you need an ark when....

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OK so it's possible I just have wimpy dogs. we had lots of snow flurries with wind chills the previous week, followed by monsoon rains. a couple of days of sunshine where we hit the beach when the sun was shining. then we got slammed with more rains with insane 90+km/hour winds with more to come in coming days. several times on the weekend the dogs stood in my doorway and I swear you could hear them thinking "do i really need to go or can i just hold it until an ark comes by?"

do your dogs also hate going out when it's too rainy, cold or windy?

although interestingly enough, the wet weather has put crimps in Murphy's ears and head area. it looks like someone took a crimping iron to him overnight. hmmmm - he hates puddles, so if there is too much water flowing down an area or a big puddle, we have to go around it. hello - water dog???? :doh:

here was yesterday with the pocket of clear sky we had. rosco once again trying to prove he's part black lab.


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Love your pictures and had to laugh at your words. Out of our two goldens, our boy is a weather wimp too. While Kye seems to love any weather, Coop will get to the door and stop and stare at me with those sad eyes like "Mom, do we HAVE to go outside in this weather?". I laugh at him and tell him he is suppose-to be a Water loving dog.

Mine too have that crimp look to parts of their heads when it rains. Weird cause it looks like a crimping iron job.
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