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Yes I worry a lot

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I had my 8 week pup at the vet on weds for a checkup. He has only received his first round of puppy shots at the breeder at 7 weeks. Today, Friday, I noticed a slight runny nose when he woke from a nap. Then tonight, he had some very soft stools. I have not changed his diet or added anything different that might cause this. I am so worried -- what if he caught a disease at the vet? I was hesitant to bring him since he isn't fully vaccinated so I held him in my arms in the waiting room. But then while I was talking to the vet, his assistant let him walk all around the place, sniffing and exploring. I am so upset, I hope he doesn't have distemper.
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I'm a worry wart too. Until Mojo was like 4 or 5 months old I was on the phone with the vet ALL THE TIME with questions. LOL, I felt so bad like I was bothering her, but she was really nice and understood as I was a "new mother." I didn't have GRF until he was 5 months old. You're lucky you found it so early in your puppy's life!! LOL


When Mojo was a baby he had really bad gas like all the time. I mean ALL the time. It got to the point where I was just pretty much used to it and wouldn't even bother leaving the room or fanning it away LOL. We found out it was from a particular brand of dog treats with liver in them... liver still gives him really bad gas.

I hope your puppy feels better!!
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