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Sierra has a slight yeast infection in both her ears. I had her at the Vet on Monday and he gave her some Medicine for it. I feel so bad for her. Is there anything I should or shouldn't do to keep this from happening again.


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I'm sorry to hear about Sierra's ear infections. For the longest time, Coby had chronic ear infections, and through a process of elimination, we discovered it was his food. He is now on a grain-free, fish and sweet potato kibble and doing well. He gets one or two ear infections a year, so I can't complain. Also, the vet checked his thyroid levels, and he was hypothyroid, which can contribute to ear infections. He's now on medication for that, but honestly, I think the food was the bigger issue. Also, if Sierra is a swimmer, make sure you dry out her ears well, as water can be a contributor. I'm sure others will chime in with more suggestions. Good luck to you, and I hope Sierra ears clear up quickly!

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Heather (Arcane) shared this with us a year or so ago, and it's GREAT! Many of us here have used it with much success.

Healthy Ear Recipe (from Arcane)

1 tube Monistat (generic is fine)
1 tube Polysporin (use the real deal - it's inexpensive)
1 tube Cortaid (generic works here as well)

Use tubes of similar size. Mix all three together in a container that can
be closed well. It takes a bit to incorporate because the Polysporin is a
bit like Vaseline. Once incorporated, it stays mixed.

If ears are gunky, inflamed or smell bad, start with using a pea sized
dollop twice a day. Use your finger to gently push it into the ear. Rub.
Dogs will only shake their heads once or twice! It's a creamy, very
soothing mixture. Once you have the ears under control, lessen how often
you use it till you're only using it once a week. Once a week keeps ears
from getting bad again.

My doctor (human) is the one that came up with this as her dogs were having ear issues that weren't really under control from the things her vet was prescribing! Anyone that I know that has gone to using it has had
remarkable results and the dogs are much happier and SAFER than using
anything with alcohol in it. I was told by my vet that alcohol just dries
the ear out - which includes drying out the ear drum AND that if there is
even the tiniest of perforations in that ear drum, it can let alcohol down
into the middle ear where it can do permanent damage. That's why this cream is SOOOOO good! There's nothing "liquid" about it. It goes in and melts it's way down to where it's needed. No alcohol to cause drying or damage and it will take care of anything yeast, bacterial etc...

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Tucker would get constant yeast infections in his ears before we found out that he has food allergies and we switched his food. Our vet prescribed a 2-week course of Tri-Otic ear ointment to clear up the infection that he had right before we changed his food and it worked wonders. The yeast infection cleared up totally within just a few days and he hasn't had one since. I would get to the vet to get a prescription.
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