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Worried about my Daisy

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My Daisy that I adopted came to me in March with lick sores covering her legs front and back. They all healed up except for one which she just wouldnt leave alone. Finally after getting meds and using Vicks VaporRub I finally got her to leave it alone and it healed up. There is like a stain on her fur from all the licking but no sore.

This morning she was laying on the bed next to me and I noticed her licking it again. Not really hard like she used to but like someone that had an itch and wanted to get rid of it. When I looked at the spot, I noticed that it seemed raised and there is a knot of hard tissue under it.

My questions are: Could it be scar tissue that is inflamed? Could it be a cyst that came up from that spot? Or could it be something more serious and that is why she kept messing with it?

I am really worried that it could be something else and right now I wouldnt be able to take care of it because of our money situation. Going to make a vet appt but wanted to check with everyone here to see if they might have an idea. Would take a picture but it just shows up as a bump. And not really that well.
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Sorry no helpful advice here...I guess it could be scar tissue. Is she older? Maybe a fatty tumor. Older dogs often get them.
Does it seem like a callous?

There is thing called a "lick callous" it has a uglier fancier name too. I believe it is caused from them licking. My Great Pyrenees would sometime get them, sounds like in the same place. I always thought it was caused by boredom or nerves.
I'm not sure, but I would have the vet take a look at it. It might not be costly to have the bump removed. It's probably just inflamed!
: ( I'd have it checked. If it's a cyst they need to remove the "cyst sack" otherwise it keeps growing back.

Hope it's nothing major. It could just be her irritating the skin by licking the same spot.
I would have it looked at, but it's probably something innocent. My old girl Tess used to get warts on the front of her legs and she would lick and lick at them. I had the worst one removed and that helped a lot.

Will say a prayer for Daisy.

Look at the lick granuloma on internet maybe that is it.

Smooch licks her legs constantly and always has-I think she is obsessive compulsive. Smooch is 10 years old.
Tasha came to us with a nasty looking hard spot on her front leg that she licks all the time. She has terrible skin problems. My vet and the oncologist were not concerned. It also has nothing to do with the lymphoma. I would have it checked but sounds like Daisy might have the same thing. We will keep her in our prayers. Please let us know what the vet says.
I wouldn't know the first thing about it, so I'm no help. But I'll say a little prayer for Daisy that it's nothing serious.
I would have the vet take a look-see Carol. It will give you great peace of mind. Also, (broken record here) the micro-tek shampoo can really help the itchys and also help heal. They have a spray and gel too.
The lick sore was all healed up and she hasnt messed with it for a couple of months and is about the half the size of a golf ball. That is what is so weird, now it is big after it is all healed. Going to the vet tomorrow. Huby look at it and he is worried now too.
I am sorry, very scary... I hate things like that... I think I would hit the vet too...

A friend of mine, her Golden does the same thing! Won't bother it for months, then gets obsessive over it. She had her coned for probably 6 weeks at one time before it finally healed over. I know she kept bitter apple spray on it a lot also.
Carol, I hope it's nothing serious. Lick granulomas are simply a big pain in the patoot, so if it's that, you may be in for a bit of a battle.

Carol and Daisy: Praying it's nothing at all!
maybe Daisy is Obsessive Compulsive like Smooch!:doh:
Copper does the same thing. He will get a lump or bite or soemthing and worry it to death until it becomes a lick granuloma. I hope that is what Daisy has.
He has one on his right upper leg that he will decide to "revisit" periodically for no reason I can discern.
My vet gives (well sells) me a spray named gentamed I think to encourage healing and I have to spray that on and then a no chew spray. If you can get her to leave it alone for a few days, you should see a drastic improvement.
If you look closely at some of Copper's pics you will see another magic and novel approach. I put ointment on gauze, put that over the spot, then a (ahem) thin feminine pad and cover it all with duct tape.
Maybe your vet has a better method. ;-)
They do get quite large and inflamed from all the attention he gives them.
I'll keep you and Daisy in my thoughts and prayers.
Fingers being crossed for Daisy - hope it is something easily treated
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