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WOO HOO! we have real poop again!

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I know, only crazy people get excited about this sort of stuff, but poor Faith has been having cow pattie explosive diarrhea since Saturday.

She seemed fine otherwise -was eating, drinking, normal energy level, so I assumed that she ate something at the park while she was out of sight that upset her belly a bit.

We gave her a shot of Pepto every 8 hours or so and that seemed to help, but then after about 3pm yesterday she wasn't pooping at all.

I ran home at lunch today to get her out in case she needed to go and when she did, it was formed poop - still mushy, but formed. I was so excited, and she and I did a little dance together. :curtain: LOL

I hope we're done with this bout of belly issues!
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Don't underestimate the joy that comes with well-formed poop!!! Just look at my counter in the upper right corner and you'll see I've been through it too!!! Congrats!
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