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Wisdom from the sages needed.

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Joy is now seven months plus a week. For the most part she is an absolutely adorable loveable pup. The "perfect Golden" (you know what I mean). As I write this she is adorably asleep at my feet under the desk.

My 1% issue is this: At times Joy is the schitzo puppy. With out warning on a walk Joy will turn and go for my shirt sleeve as to say I am not done walking or I dont like this street. ( I am projecting.) But it gets to the point that if a stranger observed her behavior they would think I was being attacked by a wild dog.

My response is to turn away and ignore her behavior which usually works with in a few minutes. Am I just entering the teenage bratty challenges.

Advice from those who have been there is appreciated.

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Sounds like the bratty stage to me. It used to drive me absolutely NUTS when Rookie would do that. In his case, he would usually grab the leash first and if I tried to stop him from grabbing the leash, he'd start trying to grab my hands, my arm, etc. The only thing that worked was a tip I got from someone here on the forum. I carried a small spray bottle in my pocket with a mixture of water and bitter apple. If he started to grab the leash, I would squirt the mixture of bitter apple on the leash. Rookie hated bitter apple, so it would stop him immediately. After spraying only a few times, all I had to do was take the bottle out of my pocket and he would stop immediately.

Hang in there! It really is just a stage and you'll get through it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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