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Winter advice...

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This will be our first fall/winter with a dog.

We've learned that Apple L-O-V-E-S tumbling leaves...the ones that look like they are running as fast as they can. :) She's almost pulled my arm out of its socket!! EEEOUCH :doh:

AND- tonight - we put up our super-cute ghost lights and Apple almost ate one...but she actually LISTENED to the 'leave-it' I said a hundred times! :uhoh:

And this little Halloween-thing made me think about when we put up our 7.5 foot tall, 1000-light, rotating Christmas tree!!! :eek:

...and the snow...and the mud...and the VERY cold mornings when I have to bring her out to go potty.

I'm kinda dreading the whole winter season...

Any advice would be great!!! What not to do - what to do?? past experience??

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It really isn't all that bad. Make sure you have some warm clothes you can throw on quickly and some slip on boots. Get some Mushers Secret for dog paws if your city uses salt on the roads.
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