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Winston LOVES the mud!

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I couldn't help from laughing, he absolutely LOVES rolling in the mud.

30 seconds after this was taken, he was completely covered!

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Maybe he secretly wants to be a chocolate l.ab LOL
LOL That is a great shot! Winston does look very content to be wallowing in the mud.
Maybe he secretly wants to be a chocolate l.ab LOL
Or an oinker!!!! So, he truly is a REAL Golden Retriever.
I bet he shook that mud everywhere too! Hope you had a hose handy. =)
LOL! What a great shot! :D Winston sure enjoyed his mud bath!
So many cute pictures tonight! Winston won't be getting any wrinkles if he keeps doing the spa mud treatment. I'm going to hug my clean dog now!
Winston looks like he is enjoying the spa day. Picture made me laugh and he looks very contented.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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