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Winchester's 15 Weeks Old!

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I am amazed by how quickly Winchester has changed in the eight weeks I've had him. He's getting so big! He weighs 26 pounds and has the longest legs. I sure hope he grows into those things. LOL

Anyway, thought I would share some pictures I've taken in the last two days. Sorry so many.

What a couch potato!

He's been practicing to be the new "Soccer Bud"
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Ahhhhh very nice & happy 15 weeks Winchester. Love the B&W conversion.
PS- you have a PM
He's got a really cheeky face....he's lovely.. Time goes too fast at that age doesn't it?
There can NEVER be too many pictures of a GR puppy!!! Thanks for sharing!
What a cutie! He obviously loves the camera!
Oh he is adorable!! Enjoy each day because they grow up so darn fast. sigh.
What beautiful pictures of Winchester! :D
i love your photos! Scout is just a few weeks older and they grow like weeds! I miss the little puffy ball.
They grow so fast. and the awkward stage is so funny!
I love Winchester!!!! He is a funny little guy!
omg how CUTE!!!! I always love seeing your photos.

My faves are the 2nd one of his side profile and the last one - what makes him think he can get that entire ball in his little puppy mouth?! ;) hehe
I love the photos and yes they really grow up amazingly fast...
I love Winchester! He's so adorable! Thank you for sharing your great pictures!
...what makes him think he can get that entire ball in his little puppy mouth?! ;) hehe
That's a great question! Maybe he's just stretching out his little shark jaws for the next round of ankle-biting! ;)
Winchester is gorgeous! I love the black border in your pictures!
I love your pictures of handsome Winchester. You have a great eye and a very handsome boy.
I always love looking at your pictures, great quality. Of course having such a cute subject does not hurt!

They always grow up to fast, keep on taking those pictures! Don't worry, he will grow into those legs!
Beautiful pics of a very special boy! And I see he's starting to get his feathers! Look out Mom.... he's growing up fast.
I love Winchester. He makes me think of what my Pawley might have looked like when he was a baby. Since I just got adopted him. Cant have to many pictures of the handsome little guy. He is really at my favorite age when they are all legs and ears.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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