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Wilson..:) :) :)

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Morning everyone,

Sorry that I have not been over here. Been trying to work as much as I can. With all the expenses on Wilson, Wayne having surgery (out of work for 3 weeks)...everything has kind of piled on top of me.

September 3rd (Thursday) was a joyous, happy and overwhelming day.

I took Wilson to the chemo vet...left him there for I could go to work.
Dr. Myers called me...I have wonderful news...Wilson's levels are GOOD...his x-ray was CLEAR...Liver and Kidneys are GOOD.

My Wilson got to have his last chemo treatment.

When I went to get Wilson...Dr. Myers came into the room and told me that Wilson was the coolest dog with a awesome personality. Everyone here at the clinic has fallen in love with him.
He gave me copies of all the x-rays to bring home....just look how clear his lungs are.

As I was that the chemo is over what should be my plans for Wilson. Dr Myers has told me to do x-rays and CBC every 3 months...he also said now I don't want Ken & Lori (my local
vets) to get mad at can bring Wilson back here for all his follow up.

I told him that they would always be my local vets...that I had already made my mine up that he would be doing all of Wilson's follow up...that Ken & Lori should not get mad cause they are the ones that
sent Wilson to you.

I will not let my guard down....Wilson has bone cancer!

I've gotten so use to getting his CBC in between chemo that I can't wait until every 3 months. I've got to know what his levels are for I can be on top of things. Will be taking Wilson for a CBC this week.

Wilson sends puppies kisses to all:smooch:

Wilson & Rocky
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oh happy news! glad things are looking better on this front. You must post a picture when you get a chance.
Yeah Wilson!!!!! That is great news.

I know what you mean about not waiting 3 months for CBC. My Mad has chronic renal failure, and while her specialist said 3 weeks ago he'll see her again in 3 months, I'll be getting blood work done by my local vet in the next week or so. Can't go that long without knowing what her levels are. The vet may think I'm crazy, but like you said we've got to be on top of things, these are our babies!

Mad and I will be sending positive thoughts that awesome Wilson continues to do well.
What wonderful news!! We are so happy for you and Wilson. We will keep you both in our prayers for good bloodwork results. Give Wilson a big hug!
That is great news about Wilson. Thanks for updating us.
whooo hoooo, doing the happy dance for you!
What great news!
So glad Wilson is doing well. What a miracle!
Happiness and joy for you and Wilson!!! Give that boy big big hugs for us!
Thats great news!!! Im happy for Wilson and you :D
Wonderful news!
SUPER-DUPER!!!!!! I don't blame you one bit for wanting CBC's more often. Cody has been off all his AIHA meds for 2 1/2 years, and still we get CBC's every few months, even though the vet said spacing them further would be ok. Well... not in my book. It's worth the peace of mind to know he's still on the right track.
Great news...I would be chomping at the bit to get CBC results too if he was my pup. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate just now. Take care of yourself too!

That is wonderful news about Wilson. We were just thinking of you last night. I am with you on getting the CBC levels checked out.
what wonderful news!
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