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Why I love dog, esp. mine...

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My son is home sick with the H1N1 but there is my 5 month old laying right there at his feet on the bed. I peeked in and she had scooted up to him and my son had his hand on her side. Makes this mommas heart melt.

I should mention that moments before this picture of peace, she got the zoomies and jumped on his back and head while he slept but DS never woke up. Just rolled over. A few moments later, that is when I found them together on the bed. ;)
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Sounds very sweet! It would have melted my heart as well. You mentioned a photo. I do not see it?!?
Poor kid...sweet puppy. We need pictures. Hope your son is feeling better soon.
Awww! What a sweetheart dog you have!! One thing though...


I hope your dog helps your son get over the flu quickly!
Okay, I'll try to get some pictures posted.

Not sure how--off to research the How to's of this board.
Makes this mommas heart melt.

Dogs and kids can do it every time.:) Dogs and kids together and you are a marshmallow!
I hope he is feeling better soon. With two nurses, he should get better quickly.

That is just too sweet. Goldens always seem to know when we need alittle extra love.
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