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Why finicky eating? Cats vs. Dogs

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Something just occurred to me while reading another post.

From an evolutionary point of view, I can see why dogs are most definitely not finicky eaters. Being willing/able to eat anything is a huge advantage when you don't know where your next meal is coming from.

While I know there are exceptions, I can't remember a pet dog who would leave a single scrap of food in the dish, and wouldn't eat just about anything put in front of them at any hour of the day.

That said, how can cats get away with being finicky eaters?
I would think that in the wild, passing up a meal could come back to haunt you a few days or weeks down the line if, for some reason, the hunting isn't good.

So what's the evolutionary advantage of picky eating? Or is this something we've taught our house cats? But if that's the case, why haven't we taught our dogs the same thing?

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Ah there is a very easy answer for your question!
Dogs are pack animals. Better eat it or someone else will.
With the lone exception of lions, cats are solitary hunters. Once they've caught it, no one else is breathing down their neck to eat it, so what's the hurry?
There ya go.
Oh, and there's a difference between "picky" and "slow." I don't really think cats are picky. I've never had a cat that would absolutely refuse some foods and then scarf down others. They just take their time and snack throughout the day rather than eating meals like a dog.
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