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Who's Going?

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My family and I will be attending the GSGRC Specialy Show on Oct. 4 at North Branch Park in NJ. It would be great to meet some of the wonderful people I met on this forum. Your support has really meant a great deal to me. Please let me know if you will be attending.
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I plant to go and watch with Jester if the weather is nice.

There is another thread on this topic showing a few more members attending:
Sammy was 8, what is considered a veteran; just a thought, but it might be nice to make sure you stop by and watch the veteran bitches, ages 7-10 compete in both sweepstakes and non-regular classes and applaud all of them extra loudly in honor of your girl.

I had tears in my eyes at my club's specialty this year, watching the 7-10 veteran bitch class (I lost my golden gal Alli at 9) and I was so touched to see the lovely oldie goldies compete and I clapped for them all, wishing they all could get a blue ribbon. I even went up and hugged one afterwards and the owner was so nice, she had tears for me. I just love specialties! I'm down in South Florida so I won't be there in NJ but I know you'll have a wonderful time.
I'll be there with Halo if it's not raining!
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