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Gibson started limping last Thursday night. We think he played too hard with the foster dog and had a muscle pull. I made an appointment with my regular vet for Monday, but decided to just drive a little father to see another vet who is also a breeder of Goldens. I had met her through a friend at a dog show and she's super nice. So anyway, I had to wait until yesterday to see her and she took a look at Gibson, felt around his hips and legs. She said he felt a little stiff and asked me if I wanted to wait a few more days to see if the limping would go away or take an x-ray now. Of course I asked for the x-ray.
I had to wait maybe 20 minutes or so out in the waiting room while she took Gibson, and the wait felt like a lifetime. I was all fidgety. Anyway, the doctor showed me the x-ray and said that Gibson's hips and femur look good and he's most likely just sore from playing too hard.
I'm so relieved that his hips are fine. She said since he's only 7 months, things can always change, but that it's unlikely that he'll go from what the x-ray shows now to a moderate or severe dysplasia. Woohoo! She told me to make sure to keep him lean. He was all lanky for a while but have been looking a tiny bit plumper lately, so I'll have to watch his food.
Anyway, I'm so happy I had to share. I was pretty nervous while I was waiting for my appointment that I tried to think only happy thoughts, so I didn't even want to post about the limping on here until I knew more either way.
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