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Where Does Time Go?

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It does not seem possible, but it was 6 years ago today that I heard of autoimmune hemolytic anemia for the first time, when my Hunter was diagnosaed. i went to bed that night sick at heart with my golden boy in ICU and having learned from library that 50% of dogs diagnosed with this die within a week of diagnosis, another 30% within a month, there is no cure, only remission that can last years or just weeks.

One week later my Hunter was brought home to be buried. He was one of the 50%. I only had him 4 years and a few days, he has been gone 6 years come the 16th of this month and i miss him as much today as I did then.

Hunter, my heart dog Aug. 19, 1999-
Oct. 16, 2003
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I forgot to add pictures. I believe it will be of Hunter with his sister, KayCee, Hunter with our granddaughter, and Hunter with our sonb. I could not tell for sure if they were the ones I was clicking on.


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So sad. Hunter was far too young. You can see in the pics that he enjoyed his short life and was greatly loved. Bless you.
My heart goes out to you. Our first dog, a lab mix was diagnosed with AIHA in 1993. She survived 6 years after that diagnosis on prednisone. She was a great girl despite her illness. Here is to good health.
Sandra, Where have you been lately? I've missed you 'round here. Hope all is well with you. I know Hunter's time was much too short...but his memory will be with you forever. I hope you find comfort there.
I am so sorry for your loss. Hunter was much too young. I can tell from your stories that he was very loved. He was a beautiful boy.
Some of you new ones may not know but it was ProHeart6, the 6 month heartworm prevention injection that brought on his AIHA and started killing his liver----drug induced necrosis of the liver according to the necropsy histopath. I know one in Color--we are still in very close contact--that took all 3 of hers in the same day and in a couple of moths, the 4 year old mix was dead of AIHA and the 11 year old"skipper key" dead ofliver damage and the 2 year old shepehrd/lab mix was on meds and still is===7 years later.

If they had just pulled it when so many reports came in about severe reactions and deaths instead of watiing til the FDA told them to pull it---1- months after Hunter's death--he would probably still be with me today. All of us that lost or almost lost a dog/dogs to this shuddered when it was brought back tothe market a little over a year ago after an almost 4 year abscense.
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