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I've heard of golden doodles, labradoodles, morkies, chiweenies, etc. but now Springer doodles!!!

If people want a non-shedding dog why not just buy a poodle (or other non-shedding breed)? (My mom and dad had a wonderful toy poodle for 14 yrs.)

I don't understand why people mix breeds and then sell them for oodles (excuse the pun) of dollars. If you want a mixed breed dog great (there are lots of great dogs in shelters), but why pay an outrageous amount of money? I don't want to seem like a purebred snob (my first dog growing up was a mutt and I couldn't have loved him more). I've bought each of my purebreds because I wanted specific qualities attributed to those breeds.

I looked at before deciding to get Michaela and decided I really needed to bring home a puppy with specific characteristics, because I have 9 other pets and a 5 yr old. There was a lovely little dog I would've taken in a heartbeat but it would not have been fair to bring her into our chaotic home.

I am tired of seeing cross breeds on Kijiji (our equivalent to Craig's list) because someone wants to make a few bucks on puppies. What is even worse is when they say they are rare! When I was a kid we called them mutts. Again, I loved my mutts!!! It is very troubling for me when I see someone offering Yorkshires bred with whatever. I cringe because of all the potential health problems. I had my Yorkie BAT tested before I got her to avoid the possibility of getting a liver shunt dog.

I understand that today's purebreds came from mixing breeds to get the desired characteristics. But, that is very different from Joe Blow saying to Bob Smith let's breed our Poodle and Springer and make some money.

Okay, I will get off of my soapbox now. Thanks for letting me vent. :) I guess the Spinger hit a nerve for me.

Just for the record, 3 of my cats are rescues and they are AWESOME!
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