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When will her attention span grow beyond 30 seconds?!?

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Jesse is just over 5 months now and absolutely loves her training class once a week. I am loving it too....most of the time. My question is (and I am sure it varies from dog to dog), when do their attention spans get long enough to actually listen to you reasonably consistently in class? And is there any way I can help get her to pay more attention to me? Our classes generally go for about half an hour, and I find that when the instructor asks people to get their puppies to sit, Jesse will sit immediately. But by the time everyone gets their pups to sit as well she is bored of sitting and is up again sniffing around. She knows all of the commands we do in class and is pretty good during the exercises (heeling is still an issue if I don't have food in front of her) but as soon as I praise her she is also up and trying to engage any other dog she can see or just sniffing around. She knows "watch me" and does it consistently at home, but it's hit and miss when we are in class or out walking...there's too many other things going on.

I am probably being a little harsh (she is generally a great puppy) as we had a very frustrating class this morning...other problem is that the only other dogs I have trained have been adults and paid attention really well once they got the idea of the training...I need to know what expectations I should have for a puppy!!

Thanks in advance...