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When first grooming?

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Joy is almost eight months. She is feathering wonderfully and her pants are getting quite long. When do you decide on the first complete gooming.

Its a little chilly outside to bathe her ourselves and we dont have easy facility indoors at this moment.

What do you do/ suggest?

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Can you take her to a groomers for a bath and brushing out. NO cutting.
Are you saying that we should allow the Pants and feathers to continue for a while. What about over and behind the ears. Thats what I am most concerned about.
Rufus had his first trip to the groomer's at just shy of 9 months. This particular groomer was recommended by our breeder because she has a lot of experience with Goldens. He had the works and came back looking even more handsome and he loved it!
If you can find a local golden breeder and ask, they may do grooming on the side, or know of who does a good job. Maybe even pro handlers might. You want a groomer who is going to thin out the extra hair behind the ears, trim the extra foot/toe hair but NOT hack off the feathering or the pants. In general most pet groomers do it the other way around, they hack off the pants and feathering (including the belly hair) and don't touch the ears or feet (where you want things tidied up, so they don't track in mud or get matted ears). I think there's some threads on here on this sort of thing as far as how to do it yourself.

Even if you just get a good bath and comb out it would be a good experience for your pup.

I agree that she should definitely not have her feathers cut at just 8 months old. At that age, the adult coat isn't even close to being in yet. Goldens don't achieve their full coat until about the age of 2. You can have have the feathers very lightly trimmed, but I would let it grow at that age. It's still puppy coat. The only hair that I would trim at that age is the feet hair and ear hair, but nothing else.
There is no way I'd cut the feathering, or go to a groomer. Just trim the nails, paws, pasterns, and do the Golden tail show trim- so pretty! :)
Follow up

Joy had her first visit to the groomer today. The groomer said she was a treat to work with and seemed to enjoy the pampering. Must be the long line of Show dogs in her background. She came home feeling silky smooth and smelling wonderful.


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