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I remember wondering the same. Sam had fits and starts when arthritis reared it's ugly head and he was diagnosed with a neurologic condition. Aspirin and gluco/condroitin worked wonders for his arthritis, better than prescribed meds...and a harness helped with his mobility getting up and down, caused from both conditions. Sam had a year and a half of good quality life before a catastrophic event made his end known to both of us. I hope you find that meds and other implements help you and Chance adjust to old age and his condition. It may not be the end of his final chapter...just an adjustment to his Golden years.

As the others have said, He'll let you know...and believe me, you will know... you will see it in his eyes...

Hugs to you both during these days...

Sam is in my Avatar pic. This pic happens to have been taken just after he was diagnosed with arthritis and the neurologic condition...and is my favorite pic of my sweet Golden Boy.
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