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What's THIS ??

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Had Piper at the vets earlier yesterday morning for her rabies booster and to follow up on a yeast infection in her ear....Then last night I'm rubbing her belly and I see what looks like a long, wide, scratch or scrape of some kind. But WHOA....there's 4 or 5 patches of it....some kind of infection.
No evidence of fleas or ticks....Areas don't look like hot spots...
How did we miss it at the vets ???? Called vet and asked them for email so I can send pictures....."we don't have an email" the girl says. "You have a web site therefore you have an email" I tell Miss Cluless. is figured out, pictures sent. No response yet. Put Neosporin on it last night & this morning figuring it's bacterial, and it can't hurt. Following up with a call after they open.
Oh, and largest "bump" at the top left , belongs there...


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Paxton had what looks to be the exact same thing as a pup. The vet called it folliculitis (spelling?) aka puppy acne. She gave us an antibacterial soap and it took about a week to go away.
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