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What's the deal

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I've been so proud of our guy. He hasn't chewed on one piece of furniture since bringing him home a 8 weeks. Even recently I have been doing baby steps on leaving him home alone; leaving him out of his crate while I take kids to school or when I'm in the shower. Sometimes I even thought of keeping him out of his crate at night because he has been so good.


As of 2 days ago he has started chewing at the carpet. Last night I put bitter apple where he was chewing and this morning he was chewing in that same spot. We don't know how or why he'd start doing this; even my 12 year old asked him "did you see another dog do this on tv"? lol.

Just when I started putting trust in him to stay out of his crate, now he has to go back because of his carpet chewing. Any ideas on getting him to stop?
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My only thought is that he's still pretty young and if it wasn't the carpet, it probably would have been something else! I still crated Rookie at that age, but when I did start to leave him out of the crate, I did it gradually. He was gated in the kitchen and only left for very brief periods at first. Then we worked our way up from there. He's 2-1/2 and he still doesn't have access to the entire house when I'm not here. The bedrooms and my office are still off limits unless I'm actually in the room with him. That might sound extreme, and I'm not necessarily advocating that you go that far. But maybe start by giving him access to one puppy-proofed room when he's alone. Then see how that goes.
I'm surprised the bitter apple didn't help. The only thing I can think of is try to be sneaky and if he starts chewing have a water bottle handy to spray his face with when he starts chewing. Now, this won't work if he's doing it while he's alone, but if you can spray him without him knowing that it's you spraying him he'll think the action is causing him to get sprayed and should stop. Does that make sense? I hope so. I'm sure others will have better advice than me.

I was just telling my mom last night how impressed I was of Winchester because he is not destructive. We too have had hardly any chewing issues. Now I'm thinking I may have jinxed myself! LOL
If the bitter apple doesnt work, try a different brand. There are different <awful> flavours (if you can call it that!) and hopefull he hates one of them!

I agree with mdoats, try giving him acess to 1 puppy proof room at a time. Start with a room that does not have carpet... the kitchen, laundry room, etc. or let him sleep out of his crate in your room with the door closed at night.

Every dog is different. Molson hasn't been crated since he was 5 months old when he broke out of his crate/pen one day while we were at work! :)doh:) Once every few weeks we come home to something new that he discovered and destroyed, but for the most part he is great out of the crate.
I was just telling my mom last night how impressed I was of Winchester because he is not destructive. We too have had hardly any chewing issues. Now I'm thinking I may have jinxed myself! LOL
I had to comment because I jinxed myself, too! I've been bragging to everyone about Harley since we got him on what a great puppy he was. For awhile I even wondered if there was something 'wrong' with him because he was so good! Well, at 20 weeks it hit - and his new nickname is "The Destroyer" :) I'll admit it could be worse. We stopped crating him around 12 weeks because he was so good every time he was out. I felt he had earned the right to be out of his crate. He's 22 weeks now, and every workday for the last two weeks he has found something new to do when we aren't home. When we are home he's still his perfect little self! We used to let him into 2 different rooms, then we had to back down to just the one room, and we've slowly had to take things out until now it's basically just him, his toys, and a carpet to lay on. He never hurts his toys, only the items in the room that he can get to (pulling pieces from the throw carpet, knocking over plants, chewing the windowsill, ripping a curtain...).

It's really amazing how he went from the perfect little puppy to "The Destroyer" practically overnight! From what I'm reading this sounds normal, although I really hope it passes soon! I keep threatening that his next step is back to the crate but I'm just not sure I have the heart to do that now that he's been out for so long. He just really doesn't like his crate and he never did.
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When Sam was little, Bitter Apple did nothing once it dried so I'm guessing that is the reason he still chewed your carpet after spraying it. What we did, that ALWAYS worked, was if Sam started chewing something bad (for instance, the door frame once) I had him watch me spray the Bitter Apple on the door frame and then I literally sprayed a shot right in his mouth. He never touched the door frame again lol
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