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What's that SMELL?

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So... I was in the office typing up an email when the nastiest smell reached my nose. It wasn't like anything I'd EVER smelled before.

I asked the usual suspect of foul odors if he let one loose and he said no. (Sometimes he lies, but I can usually tell. LOL)

It didn't smell like a puppy fart...

So I'm like wandering around the house, just WAITING to find a little present on the floor left for me.

I did.

It wasn't what I thought it would be though.

A nice dead rabbit! Very gnawed-on... but I could still tell it was a rabbit.

In my house.

In the corner of their playroom. :curtain:

In my house.

One of them brought it in after they went potty outside. Gary admitted he didn't pay any attention when he let them back in. :no:
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Ugh and puppy farts, at least around here, are enough to floor you in themselves. Take a moment of silence for half eaten bunny.
Hahahah!! The same thing happened to me about 10 years ago. Of course, DH was out-of-town (he travels for work). The patio doors had been open to the back yard. As I head back to the bedroom to get ready for work I see this "thing" lying in the middle of the bedroom floor...a dead rabbit. :yuck: I don't do well with dead things and I'm certainly NOT going to touch it. So, I did what every mature, adult woman does...I call my dad. He comes over and removes it for me. :smooch:

Later that evening I'm lying on the sofa watching TV, when I get up I notice a dried blood stain :yuck:, apparently Maggie set her prize at my place on the sofa on the way to the bedroom.:doh:

Gotta love 'em.
We live by acres of fields that our outside cat loves to catch mice from. He kills them and leaves them laying intact in the yard. Bella loves finding them and bringing them to me.
LOL someone was in big trouble and it wasn't the dog!!
Charlie brought in a dead rat before. She must have pounce on its back because the legs were all out to its side......she licked every inch of its was dripping from slobber. I thought she had ripped out a huge chunk of grass when I went to open her mouth....she was so proud of her catch. I got the thing out of her mouth and dropped it on my living room floor. I waited for my dh to come home to see what his girl caught and for him to get rid of it. I was ready to puke!
Dudu has not killed anything so far, although i do see him chasing frogs in the garden ... fingers crossed :crossfing

but last time my sister went overseas for a month her cat was so upset he started bringing headless possom, half eaten rat :yuck: we could actually tell the size of the dead animal by the volume of my mum's scream
:yuck::yuck::yuck: YUCK
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