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Tonight Tinkerbell and I along with my daughter went to a Trunk or Treat to pass out candy. We saw just over 100 kids. I was so proud of Tinkerbell she's only 5 months old and loves kids but can get a little over excited and jump on people. She didn't jump on any young kids say under the age of 5 and after telling her down 3 or 4 times she quit jumping up on any kids.

I had to include some pictures. I was hoping to dress Tinkerbell up but couldn't find a costume i really liked that fit so I just put a bandana on her.

The 1st is my 2 favorite girls at home
the 2nd My 2 favorite girls at the trunk or treat
the 3rd After 2 hours of greetng kids I'm tired mom
the 4th I can't even get up for this one.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts