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What to feed new puppy?

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Ok....I have done research asked questions and read everything I can find, flyers from different co., Whole Dog Journal info., stuff on the forum, But still to many choices Go Natural Grain Free, , Innova Puppy, Orijen Puppy Large Breed, Wellness, Fromm Puppy or all life stage, Acana, Artemis Med/Large breed puppy. I know everyone feeds different foods for different reasons and problems but what do I feed a 8 week old puppy that I hope has no eating problems. ( I can switch later if I need to) I have to get the poor guy something to eat before we bring him home on 10-17. Chester his big brother (2 years) eats California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato. I belive this is a good food, maybe not on the top of some of this lists I have been reading but good food. I picked this food mostly based on what the owner of my priviate pet store advised. California Natural has a puppy food Lamb meal & rice formula, it has not been on any lists that I have seen. What is it I should be looking when reading the bags, amount of Crude Protein, Crude fats, fiber the vitamins???? I think my pet store can order some foods and last cost needs to play a factor in here as well I want a good food that will not break the bank. I know with better foods I might feed less but I still need to feed my human family. Thanks for any input. :)
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Rest assured that there are any number of brands and formulas you could try with your puppy that he would probably do fine with. But you have to start with a choice somewhere, right? First, I would find out what the breeder is feeding and buy a small bag of that. If you feel you want to feed a different food for whatever reason, begin a slow transition a couple of weeks after you have him home. Let him get acclimated.

In this day and age, I believe choosing the company is as important as choosing the formula. I want a company that only makes pet food, sources their ingredients responsibly, and seems to have a good track record of quality control.

My dogs are on a kibble rotation for breakfast with Champion Petfoods (Orijen and Acana) and Natura (EVO which I use, and also makes Innova, California Natural and Healthwise). I'm planning on trying Horizon Legacy (from a Canadian company) soon.

For puppies, I try to find food with not less than 25% protein (preferably more) and 16% fat. Everything I've read says that protein and fat are the basic building blocks for development. I also want the protein to be meat-based and not plant-based.

You mentioned California Natural. I suggest the CN Chicken Meal and Rice Puppy over the CN Lamb Meal and Rice Puppy, because the over 2% calcium in the lamb formula makes me uncomfortable for a puppy.(young puppies can't excrete excess calcium). The chicken formula has 1.3% calcium. The Innova Puppy is a more complex formula which some do well with and others don't. And finally, Natura's Healthwise for puppies is very reasonably priced and has a great set of ingredients on paper.

I have a 2 yr. old lab that I raised on Orijen Large Breed Puppy and was very satisfied with. If the Acana Provincial line (by the same company as Orijen) had been available, I probably would have tried it with its more moderate protein % in the 30s. It's an "all life stages" formula.

So, there are numerous routes you can go. Sometimes you just have to pick one that fits your beliefs and budget and let the dog try it. After a couple of months you'll know how well it's working.

I agree with just about everything written.
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