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What to feed new puppy?

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Ok....I have done research asked questions and read everything I can find, flyers from different co., Whole Dog Journal info., stuff on the forum, But still to many choices Go Natural Grain Free, , Innova Puppy, Orijen Puppy Large Breed, Wellness, Fromm Puppy or all life stage, Acana, Artemis Med/Large breed puppy. I know everyone feeds different foods for different reasons and problems but what do I feed a 8 week old puppy that I hope has no eating problems. ( I can switch later if I need to) I have to get the poor guy something to eat before we bring him home on 10-17. Chester his big brother (2 years) eats California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato. I belive this is a good food, maybe not on the top of some of this lists I have been reading but good food. I picked this food mostly based on what the owner of my priviate pet store advised. California Natural has a puppy food Lamb meal & rice formula, it has not been on any lists that I have seen. What is it I should be looking when reading the bags, amount of Crude Protein, Crude fats, fiber the vitamins???? I think my pet store can order some foods and last cost needs to play a factor in here as well I want a good food that will not break the bank. I know with better foods I might feed less but I still need to feed my human family. Thanks for any input. :)
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I feed Acana. Its good quality and there nutrition levels have been just what I need for my dogs. Not too high and not too low. When I bring puppies home I usually switch them quite quickly to what I am feeding. Your breeder should send you home with enough food to make the switch.
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