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What now????? New Breed!

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German Shoodle!

Yes, a cross between a German Wire hair pointer & a standard poodle. How they got the "Sh" - who knows but maybe there is some German Shorthaired pointer in there as well.

This dog sounds amazing - 100% guarantee that it won't shed, great active family dog that you can start running with at the age of 8 weeks old and they only cost $1800!!!!!!!!!!!! And to make it even better, this "breed" comes from a good breeder!!!!!!!!

Sounds too good to be true - well, my evaluation is that it's just another designer dog with a load of crap from the "breeder" to get big $$$$$ from unknowledgeable people!

Who bought one of these "purebreds" - a male doctor in his 40s who runs over 5 miles/day & has been taking his shoodle running with him since 8 weeks old!!!!!! :(:( I guess he missed the genetics course! (The 5 month old pup I observed is absolutely on the high end of high strung!)

(the words "purebred" & "breeder" are used with pun intended!)
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We have been spending a lot of time trying to rescue. Amazing all the "designer breeds" at the shelters. A lot of them here are being mixed with daschunds, or bassets.
Oh, I have a good one, two weeks ago someone came in with a five month old Chessiedoodle. Yep, a Chessie Poodle mix. With a novice dog family who were completely cowed by the pups mouthing. That is going to be a success story. Shame on the "breeder" for selling this family a puppy.
in our basic class there are two shitzu poodle mixes. they called em shoodles or pitzus or some dumb thing. different owners.
one is telling us they are the same breed, yet look how different they are! yeah cause it's not a breed.
and whats the point of poodling a shitzu if they don't shed to begin with?
guy next to me at work is getting a blaek labradoodle. the parents look rediculous.
Why create one!.
When the German wirehair already exists and they don't shed much,if any!.
So stupid!!!.
You know, I see a LOT of goldendoodles at our dog park...probably more of them than of any other "breed" besides beagles. None of them really look the same, so I have to ask the owner what they are. They seem sweet, but I keep wondering who around here is breeding / selling them...someone making a fortune, sadly.
I saw a new one last week when I was at the vet to pick up some paperwork. It was a miniature schnauzer and a chihuaha. It has the size of chihuaha and the fur of a schnauzer. It was cute but WOW what a combo. Here is a website that has a picture of one. It is the second dog down. They are called chizers.
Why is the poodle so popular in these designer breeds? Is it because they are such an intelligent breed? People trying to get another breed "smarter" or something?

Hey, idea, you want a mixed breed? Why not go to the animal shelter, pick one of them out and pay $100. PLUS you're saving a life. -_-;

We went through this with Gary's brother. Ugh. They wanted a labradoodle. They were going to pay $900 for one... BUT I found a one-year-old, male, neutered, UTD on shots, good temperament at the local animal shelter. $50. They didn't want "that one" ... and made disgusted faces and sounds... I was ready to take someone down. We tried to talk them into it, but no.

Last week saw litter of German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever (can't remember what the designer name was) but advertised as a rare breed! Flipping heck
Last week saw litter of German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever (can't remember what the designer name was) but advertised as a rare breed! Flipping heck
Hey! That is my idea!
I saw a Lhasa Tzu, which was part shih tzu, part lhasa apso. Don't people realize s shih tzu comes from the lhasa to begin with.
Everyone would pay big bucks for a hybrid because hybrids can talk. Duh!;)
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