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What next!

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Hi everybody,
Well the blood tests have proven it........Honey has "masticatory muscle myositis". About a month ago, I noticed Honey having trouble eating. I tried to check in her mouth, and she cried when I tried to open it up. A quick call the the vet, and I took her for a look. Vet was worried that it might be this "disease" and took blood and sent it to a lab somewhere in the U.S. In the meantime, she put Honey on antibiotics, prednisone and tramadol for pain. Tests came back on Friday confirming the diagnosis was accurate. Poor Honey Bunny, she has been thru the wringer in the past year! It was last Nov. that she had the drain put into her head to drain an abcess in her mouth. If a dog can "possibly" be diagnosed with something, then it will be Honey who gets the worst possible scenario. I feel so bad for her but she is much much better now and is able to eat and chew easily. I soften her kibble with hot water and mix it with a half can of wet food. Of course, the prednisone is making her hungry and thirsty! That means out to pee during the night. I don't have the heart to take her water away in the early evening so she might sleep thru the night. She always seems to be so thirsty. The vet is adjusting the dose of pred down so hopefully this won't be an ongoing problem. I love her so much and hope nothing else goes wrong. She's only 2 1/2 years old! Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks for listening...........seems like I never have good news.
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I don't have any advice but just wanted to say that I hope Honey is feeling better soon.
I have no advice to offer, but I do have a shoulder you can lean on. I'm so sorry Honey has been through so much. It is good to hear she's doing better and able to eat.
I'm sorry Honey is going through this. It's obvious you love her very much.
There is a dog on the Big Dog's Porch that is going thru this also and seems to be improving. I'm so hoping you have the same results. Our springer was on huge doses of pred for about 6 months while battling an autoimmune anemia so I can well empathize with the drinking/peeing/ voracious appetite etc. My prayers are with you.
Thanks so much for your replies! I guess we'll just take it one day at a time. I do appreciate any replies and at least I know other people are thinking about Honey. Means a lot to be able to come here for support and advice. Thanks!
I don't have any advice but I do want to mention that after the show yesterday several golden breeders were talking together, and MMM came up, and its increasing incidence in goldens....
bumping up
I don't have any advice about that problem, but I just wanted you to know that I think some of us are just meant to have "special needs" dogs... maybe we're more patient or more able to give to our dogs what they need, or maybe we're just "lucky!" ;), but Honey is very fortunate to have you as her parent. I know it can be frustrating to have such a young dog that's not as healthy as all the other dogs her age, but we'll get through it, and Honey and you will be better because of it.

Hope things improve for Honey and you.
Sorry I have no experience with this but I wanted you to know that you and Honey are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope she continues to improve.
Really? Hotel - That's pretty interesting!
Thanks so much Kd. Yes we will manage. Luckily I am retired so Honey is with me all the time.
I hope Honey improves and feels better. Life is so much fun with a happy golden :)

She has a great mum!
Honey is in my thoughts a d prayers..Im glad that you are able to be with her all the time. Please keep us updated on your sweet baby.
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