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What is wrong with people.

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I finished up my work in the yard and my wife and I were sitting on the deck enjoying this late fall evening.

This boy shows up at my deck gate. My back deck is gated so Tuff can sit with us in the evenings.
He belongs to my neighbors 1/4 mile down the road.
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He was carrying a football and wanted to play:(
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The boys who are supposed to see about him.... 12 and 14 years old... went by on their 4 wheeler 20 minutes earlier.
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He is just a "yard dog" to them:mad: I am so sad. We are in a very rural area and this is
quite common. As a matter of fact the reason I have Mr. Tuff dog is for this very same situation.

I gave him some fresh water and he is sleeping on my deck.....sigh:(
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Bummer...hate to see it. He looks really happy to show off his football.
aww trhe poor guy....thanks goodness he knows where to go to be loved :)
keep him.Tuff dog need a friend.
I'd keep him. I feel sorry for the poor baby. They don't deserve him!
I seem to recall Tuff discovered how good it was at your house never left, maybe history is repeating itself!
Man oh man.

People just don't appreciate the wonderful thing they have in the friendship of a dog.

The boys have "moved on" to other things and Mr. Pretty Boy figured out you're a soft touch. Jolly ball and football will keep you in shape much better than leaf raking!
:( That is so sad. He brought his football that whole way just to be played with. He looks like a sweetie, I would also keep him. Hehe. Does Tuff need a brother? ;););)
What a sweet boy... and he brought his own football. Sad that kids don't know what a best friend they have. Too many gadgets. Thanks for giving him attention.
Thats so sad. I dont understand people that just leave there dogs loose all the time. The dog must be lonely at the very least, or flat out scared.

I would be freaking out if Cooper got out at night and not sleep until i found him.
carrying his own toy! he's trying to find a friend -- let him know he's welcome so he'll keep coming back (and stay?)
Oh my he looks so sweet, why do people get pets and leave them out all the time to fend for themselves.
We have strays in the UK but not to many thank goodness but have never had a family pet turn up at our door, why do these people have them in the first place if they are not going to take care and be responsible for them very sad.
Poor dog....and where are the parents? I bet they don't know where their kids are or the dog!
That's how I ended up with Ace! I think Tuff needs a buddy to play ball with! Maybe they will just never come looking for him.
I would keep him too! He is beautiful. People suck.
He needs you! He needs heartworm prevention. Is he even neutered? Poor handsome guy.
Tuff needs a brother :)
I'd keep him too! He didn't just 'bring' his football. He packed his 'stuff' and is ready to move in. Poor guy. These stories make me nuts.
Aww, Something about footballs and Goldens that make me smile. My boy Tucker was registered Lor-Hy's Touchdown Pass and he loved his football! Keep him, like wihihad2goldens said, he packed his stuff and chose you.
He needs you! He needs heartworm prevention. Is he even neutered? Poor handsome guy.
Tuff needs a brother :)
I know I know.

The boys came back through a few minutes ago and he took off running with them.

He is an intact male and I doubt if they do any HW prevention. He has been over here before with the boys and I tried to explain to them how important it was to have him neutered. I would keep him if it came down to it.

I wish I could save the world...:(....
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