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What is wrong with him, I am so worried.

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Hi everyone,

Marley has been a little strange for the last week, but since yesterday he's getting worse. Last week it started with him acting like he was bored, and sleeping alot, and maybe even a little sad. I thought it was just because of the move to Brazil and maybe the heat was making hm tired?

Yesterday he started not wanting to go out for walks during the day, he would not leave the apartment building, and then he stopped eating and drinking, but once my husband came home, he was happy and ate and drank lots.

Today, he will not go near his water bowl, he will only drink if I bring his bowl to him, he just wants to lay on my bed and is turning his head away if I bring his food bowl to him, he's sleeping alot and seems to be really mopey.

His poops are fine, the only change I can see in him is he's itching a little more than he used to, but not constantly and itching a little at his ear.

We have the vet tonight, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas of what it could be, or what I could do for him in the mean time.
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Poor Marley. It sounds like he could be mopey from the move and has picked up a bug. Please let us know what the Vet says.

He had bowel issues before didn't he? How long has it been since the last time he was sick?
Curious, will he eat a regular sized meal when your hubby's home, or is still eating less but just happier when your hubby's home? I'd be more concerned that he's not drinking, so try to find ways to get fluids in him. Does he like to play with ice chips? Will he drink broth?

Keeping my fingers crossed for a simple answer and solution.
I keep forgetting she's not in my time zone. I hope it's evening there now and she's at the Vet. I too think it sounds like he's just sad. Fingers crossed.

She's had issues with Marley's belly, once as a little pup and again at 6 months. I don't remember what the diagnosis was.
Good to hear that he's perked up tonight and you have some answers. Do you have the same tick borne disease concerns in Brazil as we have in the States? I've been through numerous ear infections with Ike and they sure can make a normally bouncy pup lethargic. I hope his ear clears quickly. Good thing Daddy's home tonight. Just what an ailing pup needs, Mom and Dad cuddling with him. :)
I guess the next question should be, is Marley on a flea and tick preventative? You might want to consider putting him on a preventative after this scare, if he's not.
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