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What is too cold?

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This weekend I am going camping and I would like to take my 17 week old pup but I am a little worried about the cold temp. I will be going to the Uinta mountains in Utah and the nighttime temp will get down to around 25 degrees I figure. She would be in the tent with me on a pad and with a blanket, if she was full grown I wouldn't really worry but don't know how a young one will handle it. In the early mornings when I take her out to go potty and play for a bit, she doesn't have any problems but it has only been getting down to the low 40's in SLC. What do you guys think, is it going to be too cold at night?

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Are you backpacking? Or will you have access to your vehicle? If the later is the case you might want to look at one of the Coleman catalytic camp heaters. Too cumbersome for bpking but nice for vehicle access camping. Will warm that tent up in a heartbeat!!!
We will be light backpacking, as we only plan on going in about 2 miles
Nice!! Couple of layers for her & you and you should be OK. She can always share your bag!! Mine do.
If you're really worried or pup doesn't want to get in the sleeping bag with you, run to Walmart and pick up a toddler 3T or 4T long sleeved sweat shirt (don't know what he weighs, maybe 5T?).

Esp. good in case he goes swimmin' before bed and is damp.
I don't think you need to worry too much. We took Murph with us for a two week camping/road trip around that age (I think about 20wks) and it got down to about 25 degrees a few of the nights. He was totally fine. He doesn't mind being under the covers so I knew he'd snuggle up if he got cold, but he actually chose to sleep on top.
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