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what is the best training book out there?

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O.K I have jumped around ALOT on training, from Cesar's way to clicker training, and I like most the books I have read, and that is my problem I don't know which one to go with, or which 10 books to go with. what book do you like the most? and why? and any more details on the book and how has it improved training, and or your dog (s) behavior?

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at the top of the page, is a section called product review home. there is alot of great books in there that people have recommended. I think it is a helpful section
I second BeauShel's post. You will get as many different opinions as there are books. A lot depends on what type of training you want to do as to which books to go with. I have three 6' shelving units filled with books, most of them on dog training.
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