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What is a puppy's vaccination schedule?

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I'm confused as to how many total shots pups are suppsoed to have. I went to a new vet today and she was concerned as to why my 11 week old hasn't had her 2nd set of the combo vaccine yet.

6 weeks (from breeder): DAPP + deworming
8 weeks (when I first got her): Lepto and Bortatella only + deworming
11 weeks (today - which is the date the first vet set me up with as the next set of shots are due): DAPP and Bortatella

in 3 weeks she will get another parvo/distemper shot.
at 16 weeks she will get the rabies shot and another exam.

Question is - since she's gotten the 2nd combo shot at 11 weeks instead of 9 weeks (I read it should be every 3-4 weeks)...would this affect the protection and potency of the vaccine?

As to why the first vet gave Lepto AND didn't schedule the next set of shots 3-4 weeks after is another story - pretty much why I switched vets.
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Vaccines are now being divided into two classes: core vaccines for dogs are those that should be given to every dog and noncore vaccines are recommended only for certain dogs. You can take a look here to see a recommended dog vaccination schedule What shots do puppies need? Puppy vaccination schedule
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