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What do your pups do while sleeping?

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I often wonder what Bailey is dreaming about. About a week ago Bailey fell asleep next to me and after a while she started growling in her sleep. She did this for a few minutes. Today, Bailey was wagging her tail while she was snoozing on her back.

What do your puppies do in their sleep?
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Ruby used to run and run in her sleep. Her feet were always going while snoozing. I know she's still running now as I type.

I miss her so much.
my beagle aways on the hunt.He run sand howl.LOL Honey(GR) aways wagging her tail and few times she barked in wild voice and scared me .
Opus, who only barked once a year, would softly bark and talk in her sleep every evening.
Brady runs, he whines, he sticks his tongue in and out and makes funny noises with his mouth, and he wags his tail. He is very active when he sleeps. Whenever his feet start going DH jokes that the cookies are getting away.
Tysen runs sometimes...other times he will give out a howl or bark.
Sam twitches softly sometimes, that's about it.

Dillon on the other hand... can wake me out of a deep sleep at night when he gets going. He yelps, barks, growls, whines.. he kicks his legs and twitches his mouth and sometimes sticks his tongue out. It's hilarious to watch him!! Not as hilarious when its 3am and I've just been woken from a deep sleep though.. lol
Flora often makes... like, wet noises when she sleeps, and by the looks of it, I think she's actually dreaming of nursing! Her mouth kind of moves and she seems to be trying to suckle on something. What a baby.

She'll also make really loud high pitched squeaks every now and again.
sophie does the same thing as Flora...making wet sounds, it looks like shes nursing...
Derryl moved his legs and tails when he's asleep.. so far no funny moves yet :p
he's just with me for 2 days now...

Iris used to make funny noises and walking while she was sleeping.. tho sometimes the sudden sound scared me... lol
Snore, fart, twitch, and yelp.
Rufus runs, twitches, whines and makes sucking noises. I've actually stuck my finger in his mouth and he stays asleep and sucks it!! He also wags his tail and thumps it so hard on the floor that he wakes us up.
hi all, my new 8 1/2 week old pup Marley always ends up upside down. its been a while (11 yrs) since I've had a puppy, I can't belive how sound he sleeps.
Sam never made a sound while asleep but Ike is running with the pack and howling at the moon.
Hudson twitches and makes little smacking noises with his mouth that always make me smile. He howled once. It was the only time he ever did it. The howl was so loud that it woke both me and my husband up. He runs only on occasion. :)
Jax, my 6 month old, yelps in his sleep and twitches sometimes. My little one, Lucy, 3 months, just sleeps like a log....for now.
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