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When we picked Brody up from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies,(GRRR) they recommended that we keep Brody on Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy, chicken, brown rice, and sweet potato recipe.

I have seen that several of you are using, Purina Pro Plan formulas. When I asked GRRR about switching to Purina, they felt the Nutro brand mentioned was a better food choice. Ugh!

I realize there are different opinions on the topic of best food choice, but I have to admit that after reading about this topic, my head is swimming a bit. I also did a search on the site for the Nutro product mentioned, but I wasn't able to find anything about it. Maybe I failed to list the food properly in my search.

I would sincerely appreciate any input on the food I'm currently feeding Brody. I should mention that Brody seems to like the Nutro product, and we're not experiencing any health issues to date with it. Brody eats well and he is growing nicely. Unlike our last Golden, who cleaned his bowl as soon as he was fed, Brody is a grazer. He will eat a little and then go back for more when he's hungry. We don't feed him anything else other than treats, which he eats slowly as well. We also give him raw beef bone shanks, which he enjoys as well.

Brody's coat looks good and he has no ear wax. He doesn't itch and his stool is firm and regular.

The attached photo was taken at 3 months 10 days...

Thank you in advance for your input.


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Personally I think I would switch/ stay clear of this one. The max Phosphorus is way too high. Phosphorus is in protein and what impacts kidney health, not the actual protein. Phosphorus safe range is .4 to .8% and .9% on a dry matter basis. 1.6% is double. The other issue is the gaps with calcium and phosphorus is to worse for the proper controlled growth that is want for large breed puppies.

Then you have 2 pea ingredients high in the list (inside the top 10). If your paying attention to the DCM issue, that can be risky until we know the full deal of the study and get the recommendations.

The minimal Phosphorus is also still 1.0% which is still excess
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