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What? Dirt on my mouth? NOO, it wasn't me!!!

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Found holes in the garden, dirt on the carpet..... I wonder who should I blame....


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Ha! That is too funny! Maya is gorgeous (even with mud on her mouth!) Thanks for sharing!
Rut Roh....cant hide the dirty face:)

Very pretty girl you have there!
no eye eye contact.

So cute
I'm sure she just got the dirt on her mouth from trying to clean up the mess on the carpet for you!! Surely she wasn't the one digging in your yard!
TOO cute. I'm with Marlene. I think she was on clean up duty...... oh, what's a girl to do!!!
No way did Maya dig up the garden, she must have been clearing up after the culprit,;) beautiful girl you have there.
Lol! I love the first picture!! With that face, even if it was her, how could you be mad!!
I dont think she did it either. Her face is too clean for trying to dig. Maya was just trying to clean up the mess from the real culprit.
It was the neighbors cat!!!!!!
LOL what an innocent face. I think the evidence was planted by the cat while Maya was sleeping.
no eye eye contact.

So cute

LOL! No eye contact.... "Maybe if I don't look at her she won't look at me.... oh! look over there! the cat did it!"
I agree with everyone. I don't think Maya did it. Look at that cute face!!
Found Maya's toy buried... I suppose the neighbor's cat did that too...
Another vote for the cat . . .
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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