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What a Find! Indoor Swimming for Dogs in Detroit Area!

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Hi everyone, I just found a hidden gem!

I found a place (one and only place, really) that has indoor swimming for dogs (in the Detroit metro area). I thought I'd share!

The place is called 'Me and My Shadow' and you can check it out here:

Overall, I'm quite impressed. Very clean facilities, and a very friendly owner. The prices are also reasonable, and you get a discount if you are swimming for rehab.

I'm really surprised that indoor swimming for dogs are not popular... especially in climates like the frigid North.

Well, I thought I'd pass along this find. My Golden, Sara, loves it, and can't get enough. We're trying to go twice a week to strengthen her right knee from ACL surgery.

Hope someone finds this interesting!

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I'd love to bring my two to a place like this. They did do swim rehab nearby, but it was sooooo expensive.
Oh, and here's a nice little story and how doggie fitness center and name came out.
Very cool site and good to keep in mind.
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