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Wetting in the crate

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I just brought home our new 3 month old Golden Retriever today and we decided to use the crate with her. We did not use it with my 6 month old and we just recently got him off the wee wee pads. So we decided to do it better this time, with no wee wee pads and crating BUT we have discovered she wets inside her crate. What do I do once I discover she had wet in there? Im clueless!!
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Does your crate have a divider in it? If not, it could be that the crate is just big enough so that she can find a spot to go away from where she sleeps. There is really nothing you can do once you have discovered that she had an accident in the crate. What's done is done and disciplining her will do no good. All you can do is clean it up and take her outside. At 3 months old, puppies have very, very small bladders and need to be taken outside constantly. They need to go out after eating, drinking, playing, and waking up from a nap. Also, it's a good idea to pick up the water bowl at least at hour before she gets crated for the night, as well as be taken outside right before bed. If you are already doing all of these things, I would suspect a possible UTI.
If she wets in the crate you don't do a thing. Make sure you have the crate set up with a divider so it is quite small so the pup can just barely turn around. I know it seems strange but they actually feel safer in a small space and are less likely to pee in there. The other thing is to have VERY frequent trips outside and on a leash. That way you can praise her to high heaven when she pees outside. Good luck to you.
Actually she had just pee peed a few minutes before I put her in the crate, and she was lying right on top of the pee, which was odd. It is her first day with us, so she may very well just be nervous. I'll see how tomorrow goes...and THANKS
I'd put paper in the crate, so it soaks up. Give her time. I'd bring it up to the vet's when you take her if it continues. They may want to test for a UTI. Good luck.
I have the same problem. My pup will wet his crate daily. I've had him tested for UTI. It's driving me crazy! I've never had a dog that would wet its crate before. I could see if he's been in there all day, but he'll go within 10 minutes of being in there sometimes.

I guess this post isn't very encouraging, just letting you know you're not alone.
I have a bad feeling this is a habit with her. When I picked her up from the breeder, she was in a pen with many other puppies and it hink they are kept there all the time. They must poo and pee in there so she is used to have a messy place to be. I hate making assumptions, but the place wasn't too appealing. I suppose I'll have to put some paper in and hope for the best tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone though. How old is your pup and how is he daytime?
Since it is her first day home, it might be nerves but when you take her for her well puppy checkup they can check for you. Congratulations
I believe Jax's mom, that you are right, that if your pup was raised in close quarters, used to peeing and pooping in its surroundings and not being taken out on a regular basis, it has developed a habit of soiling its "home." Sometimes you'll see this behavior in dogs that have been purchased from pet stores--they've been in those crates practically 24/7 with no house training; then they're purchased and they have a bit of a longer learning curve--I think that is what you'll be facing, and you'll just have to be more patient.
I agree with the learning curve thought. Also how long are you leaving the dog? Are you giving it plenty of opportunity to do their duties where they are supposed to? I want to say do NOT put anything in the crate. Dogs can figure out how to pee and push what ever (paper, bedding) in the pee to "wipe it up" so to speak. My dogs don't get crate pads until they are consistently holding it in the crate. Making the space smaller would help the dog notify you when it needs to go, dogs do not like to go in their beds.

That being said, my dearly departed Maxine had HORRIBLE crate going issues. For us it was training that stopped the problem. It wasn't she was not trained (she was BORN trained) but by taking her to classes gave her confidence in her self. Before classes, on weekends when we were home all day she was perfect, ask to go out, no accidents etc. Put her in the crate for as little as 15 min, and she would have pooped and pee'd in it. She HATED her crate. We couldn't trust her out of the crate (she was over a year old) because she kept having accidents in her crate. After one session in obedience, she started holding her "issues" and we could FINALLY put the crate away.

Proper exercise, training and smaller area, hopefully your pup will get better very quickly.
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Thanks Maxine,

We had a better day today (day 2). We are taking her out frequently and are not crating during the day when someone is home. She has had a couple of accidents, but has finally done her first pee and poo poo outside. Needless to say we praised the heck out of her. She did a pee pee alittle later on, just after being outside. I think this will just take time, in the meantime, we are stocking up on papertowels and natures miracle!

Crate-wise, her crate seemed dry from the last time we put her in and she stayed in the crate with very little (30 seconds) of whining, all night long (about 7 hours). We have not crated since then..won;t be til tonight since hubby and I are both home today.
Potty training takes a while. Sounds like you're doing fine. What I did was set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and took Flora out on the dot every half hour. If she didn't go, then I set the timer for 15 minutes, and took her out again.

Can't help you on the crate b/c we stopped using it at around 4.5 months. I hated that thing. :p:

Good luck!
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