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We're off to the doggie chiropractor

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Bogey is on his way to the doggie chiropractor! I'll report back in a few hours. He has a very strange walk and his back hunches up. A good friend and golden genius told me that maybe his back problem is caused by him holding his stomach in all those months when he had a tummy ache. So she recommended a holistic vet who practices chrio and acupuncture on animals. My vet was in total agreement that we should look into it.

We aren't worried about his hips and elbows (well, I'm always worried about that in the back of my mind) but I am concerned that he walks funny. Crosses his back feet over his front feet - hard to explain. I'll try to video it.

I hope to be back with good news! I'm hoping in a few adjustments he'll be better. They think it might even help his intestinal issues too. :crossfing:crossfing:crossfing
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I hope you get good news and the the doggie chirocraptor helps!! Let us know how it turns out.
I'm anxious to hear how Bogey makes out.
I am a firm believer in chiropractors - I'm going for an adjustment today at 5:00 - and have wondered how it would work with our furry family members :)
my old boy, Toby, goes to the chiro once every other month. Makes a WORLD of difference for him! Let us know how it goes!
Yes, Dr. Linda was a great as promised. Bogey's pelvis is out of alignment which throws off a lot of other things. She spent a decent amount of time adjusting him, but he didn't mind a bit.

We will be back again in three weeks. I'm hoping this will help him feel more comfortable. She also did a thorough check of his hips and elbows and although obviously you can't tell anything without x-rays, which he won't be getting for a few more months still, she saw nothing to worry about and said his extension is great.

We mainly went because of his funny walk and arched spine. But she thinks he'll be as good as new soon. Actually, he better be better than new because my poor dog was in pretty terrible shape "new".
Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that Bogey is already feeling better.
It sounds like it was a great trip to the chiropractor. Hopefully it will keep working and he can get back to playing and running.
Sounds like it was a worthwhile trip. We finally have a holistic vet who practices acupuncture and is also a veterinary chiropracter. I understand that she is very good and really helps the dogs sent to her.
So far she doesn't think he'll need acupuncture - thank goodness for small miracles. But here are the notes she gave me:

Body score: 3/5
Muscle tone is moderate
Hair coat thin (that's being generous)
Right side of pelvis higher, tender lower lumbar, tender lower thoracic, cerul (???) good
I'm glad you were able to take him and that she will be able to help.
Keep us updated on his progress.
I love my chiro - have had great results.
Hopefully Bogey's chiro can do the same :)
I continue to be amazed by how much my Barkley improves after his monthly acupuncture, chiropracty, massage, B-12 session. He went in yesterday and you can just see how much better he feels by the end of the session. He enjoys it as well--at his regular vet he routinely does the belly on the floor routine. I need to take some photos of him with needles sticking out of his head and in his paws!

I sure wish the acupuncture vet would treat me at the same time. Barkley and I suffer from the same allergies.

I hope you see rapid improvement with Bogey!
B-12? What do you use that for? We give monthly injections at home for that too so I'm intrigued? How old is Barkley? I think the dogs like the chiro because they quickly learn that it makes them feel better.
B-12? What do you use that for? We give monthly injections at home for that too so I'm intrigued?
I will ask next time I'm there! She told me once what the B-12 does but my brain is foggy now. She injects it all over his body, near his "hot" areas and I think she said it helps give him energy in those spots, but don't quote me until I find out for sure. You think I would have asked more about that! I know as you age B-12 is very important for cell growth and vitality so I guess the same applies to dogs. It's a red substance that looks like thin blood when it dries. I no longer give my Barkley Pet-Tabs due to the lead contamination controversy so he needs the extra B-12 boost.
Barkley is 12 yrs 4 months and acting like a 6 year old at times. I love the way he prances out of the sessions, with his tail held high, like he is on top of the world!
We use the B12 injections to help with digestive issues although I believe it actually works mostly in the pancreas. But I just inject in his scruff and have since last winter. It's once a month - same day as heartworm and flea stuff.
B-12 injections

I wanted to satisfy my curiousity on the benefit of B-12 injections so I pulled out my Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats by Shawn Messonnier, DVM. He notes B12 is reuired for normal activity of nerve cells. It is involved in production of an important neurotransmitter. It works with folic acid and vitamin B6 to lower blood levels of homocysteine, a chemical that contributes to heart disease. It also helps regulate proper red blood cell production and helps with metabolism of proteins, fats and carbs. It also plays a role in producing SAMe. It goes on to say it appears to be extremely safe. Finally it has a listing of medications that might indicate a need for increased B12. Corticosteroids are included.

I also read this ehow article on B12 injections: It mentions B12 can help increase a dog's appetite.

All in all I'm glad Barkley is getting the injections monthly since I stopped giving Pet Tabs (with B vitamins) due to the lead contamination issues. I suspect the acupuncturist routinely gives B-12 injections because most of her dogs have some sort of issue that B-12 will help alleviate. Most of her patients are seniors with severe arthritis/neuromuscular issues, allergies, digestive issues. All I know is the combination of everything she does really makes him feel great!
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