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Boogity said:
Hi everyone. My wife and I lost our most beloved pal last fall to cancer. :( Woody was 8 yrs. old and without a doubt our most cherished friend in our family.

We are empty nesters and Woody was our newest member of the family. He graduated first in his class at puppy school, intermediate obeidance, and advanced obediance class. He thoroughly enjoyed school and the bonding experience with me. We were almost inseparable.

To fill the terrible void and heartache in our lives we have considered looking into adopting two :eek: GR puppies later this spring. You know, the old song, a girl for you a boy for me. Or something like that.

I'm glad I found this foeum and look forward to lots of shared thoughts.

My sincerest condolences for the loss of your beloved friend. :(

The very best of luck in finding another puppy(ies). They're wonderful dogs, aren't they?
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