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Welsh Guards back Home!

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My son Christopher is a Lance Corporal in the Welsh Guards and has recently returned home safely (and not all have come back - awful awful time for their families) from Afghanistan and the last 6 months they were out there has been the worse time of our lives worrying back home. So we were really pleased when the battalion and families/friends were invited to attend Cardiff City's home game against Crystal Palace yesterday. Not only attend but attend in some style, we were all treated to executive seats and hospitality by the Cardiff City Football Club. The day for me was a dream in that we all saw our loved ones parade onto the pitch just before the kick's a video

Our Christopher is 3 rows back a the front, hard to spot but his mother knew where he was straight away lol

A HUGE thank you to Cardiff City FC for a wonderful day out for the battalion and their families

and a quote (extracted from the clubs programme) from the Cardiff City's Football Club's Manager Dave Jones:

"Welcome to our very special guests at the Stadium today. The 1st. Battalion Welsh Guards are back home after doing a fantastic job in Afghanistan. I hope our fans will give our visitors a big round of applause and the warm reception they deserve now that they are back home in Wales" - and they did give them a superb welcome!!!
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Graham that was wonderful what a fantastic reception they got I can only imagine the pride you and the other families must have felt watching them all marching out, not a dry eye here after watching that,cant imagine there was in the stadium either, thank you for sharing.
Graham, both you and Judith must be so ecstatic to have Chris home. Cardiff City football fans gets some really bad press; but both they and Crystal Palace really raised the roof in their support of the troops
oh how fantastic, I welled up watching that, you must be so relieved to have him home safe and sound...what a job they do...they deserve nothing less than a standing ovation from everyone in the whole UK!
Very happy for you and family!!
I want to thank you and your wife for raising such a son, and please thank your son for being strong and willing to sacrifice (thankfully only his time) for his country and the freedom that we all take for granted.
beth, moose and angel
I'm happy your son arrived home save and sound.
That is just fantastic. I am so happy for you and your family, and can imagine your pride.
I'm so happy he and all of them are home safe. They deserve to be recognized.
Those homecomings are so emotional and I welled up watching it. Please tell your son that I thank him for his service and thankfully he is home safe. My prayers go out to all the families that lost a loved one in this fight.
I'm so happy to hear your Christopher is home and all the others, too. I only wish they all could have returned. People around the world pray for the men and women fighting every day. Welcome Home Christopher and troops!
That was fantastic Graham! I am sure you enjoyed your day. Those men deserve all the accolades and praise for their service. Thank you so much for sharing.
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