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My name is Maria I am from Russia. I want to talk to breeders of flat coated retriever and golden retrievers in America
I am a breeder of Central Asian Shepherd (alabai) handler goldens and flats
My dogs
Ak Basmach "Basia" 10,5 years

MultiCH, IntCH Vahid "Vaha" 7,5 years

Russian Junior Champion, RKF Champion, Russian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Slovenian Champion Unkur Nurai "Nura" 2,5 years

Yasin is Vostochnoi Skazki "Yasha" 13 years

Flat coated retriever
JCH.RUS, CH RUS, CHRKF Severnogo Korolevstva Agat "Agatik" 2 years

1 - 3 of 3 Posts