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We love this couch - YUMMY

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This is old but just came across this and thought I'd share the day the couch #2 was destroyed. We are on number 3 and so far so good!
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Wow! They had some fun!
OH. MY. GOD! I don't even know what I would do if I walked in to that. Yikes!
I would cry and panic. Did anyone eat any of it?
All you can do at that point in time is laugh and shop the clearance center. Oh my gosh, I just realized we had another one in between our current one. So we are on number 4. So glad they are older now.

Just like with the stuffed toys, they just like getting the stuffing out. I think to them it like wrapping paper on a present for humans.
Can I borrow your Pups for a weekend?
I've been trying to justify buying a new couch!
OH MY! I dont even know what to say....sure dont know what I would say/do if I came home to that.

I would walk into the room... see it... and then walk out, silent.

Looks like they had a big party while you were out. That is a lot of stuffing.
I just dont know what I would do if I walked in on that. But it is so funny!!!
OH. MY. GOD! ... Yikes!
These were my EXACT words when I saw that pic! haha
Holy mama!!!

I had a friend in Korea who had 2 black labs. Everytime I would get into her jeep I would notice that a new part of it was missing...bits of the steering wheel, half the gear shift, the head rests, the seats...pretty soon it was pretty much just a shell.

She said that she never planned to sell the jeep anyway so decided that she would just come to terms with it being "their" chew toy. Anyway, they were all very happy and heck, the jeep got them to the beach!

I bet you never planned on sitting on that sofa anyway!:smooch:
Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you say when you come back to a sight like that:--keep_silent:
OMG,i am sure you didt laugh when you sew this.
Ok that's insane... not 2 but 3 sofas ended like this? Are they not crated when you are away? If not maybe they should be. Yes, this is funny but I worry about them getting hurt.
I'd have a heart attack if I walked in my living room to that! LOL!
Oh my.....they were very busy!!
What was the return policy at the sofa store?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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