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why do we spoil our goldens?
What is it about Golden Retrievers that parents who raised there children
[and I'm talking about us older folks who came from generations that didn't put up with nonsense, disrespect, and basically taught there children the same as we were taught] and yet when it comes to our GR's other than the normal commands," no chewing, no jumping on visitors etc, we more or less let them **** near rule us..
case in point:
we buy a new exspensive sofa.
No way are the girls allowed on the new sofa.
Within 3 days we put a blanket on the sofa for the girls to lay on it .
No laying on our bed...
and yet when 1 or both are napping on the bed, one of us throws a blanket over them and tuck them in. I could go on but am sure many of you have been there or are there..
[Jesus H !!!

Now when they were puppies of course we crate trained them[ divided off the crate so as not to let them mess in the back of the cage so within 2 months they could be left alone in the house and learned to hold it.
gave "NO" commands when they would start to chew the kitchen table legs and normal thing like that..
But from then till now as they are 3 and 5, it seems that we do everything we can to make there lives as comfortable and healthy as possible, give them there vitamins, Glucostmine, vet checkups, 6 star kibble like Taste of the Wild, clean there ears every other day, wife cleans the "kootch area" with a rag cause 1 of our young ladies just never got the hang of licking herself clean since she squats all the way down on the grass when she pees..
And don't tell us it's because we love them cause we know that already...

It's almost like when you look into your goldens eyes and see that half smile goofy look with the tongue hanging out and tail wagging, you just know that these "half human" things are just as happy to live with you as you are them and you want to give back as much love as they give you..
Our son's tell us they wish they were goldens growing up since they just got choc's vitamins and off they

So I guess that's why we spoil our goldens.
It's un-conditional love...
we see the love/excitement when they hear " who wants to go by by in the car.
who want's to go for a walk."
who wants to play frizbee or chase the ball.
Kinda like our kids were when they were small and reacted to every little thing with glee before they got developed brains and started pissing us off at least 3x a day before they grew up and moved out..
Goldens, are always going to be there for you and when there not it's only because there resting on your new couch or bed only to have new found energy for later stuff...
Whever I see someone walking a golden I see that proud look on the owners face when someone compliments or stops to pet him/her and I know that dog is well taken care of and loved cause it shows in both there faces..
People at work make fun sometimes when we tell them the over and above things we do for the girls and say they want to come back in another like as a Golden..
Not such a bad idea.. ya think?
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Maybe it's my last bite of toast, or the crust of my pizza,

Yep... that's the stuff I'm talking about.
they have learned when I'm eating and it's something they like, they double team me by laying there chins on my forearms and giving me that sad look of animals who haven't eaten in years.. Most times we put them outside for fresh air and running while we are eating but sometimes you forget or they are napping and who wants to wake them from a nice cuddled position..

I really keep any table scraps to a bare minium but have found out just a tiny piece of toast crust or as you say a bit of pizza crust and they feel vindicated and move on..
It;s almost as if it's there right to hang out while your eating to see if a score is coming there way.
Of course Savannah Mae always helps out in the kitchen by sitting approx 2" away from my wifes feet when she is cooking thereby presention a cushion if she back's up and tumbles over her from not looking.... very caring and conciderate golden..

If I had the room or a farm I would have 3 or 4 more..
funny but I never had that urge when raising kids..

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I don't think my boys are spoiled. They are obedience trained and well loved. They are allowed on the furniture because they behave. They aren't allowed on our bed and they know it.

You are right about their unconditional love, joy for the slightest attention and they live to please us. They are one of the great joys and loves in my life.

It's why I can't believe from working in Golden Retriever Rescue how many humans can abuse and neglect such loving beings.

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Very nice thread. Your girls are beautiful.

My kids have pointed out several times that the dog gets away with a lot more than they did.

Just tonight, Penny laid her chin on my chest while I ate an ice cream cone. She stood in front of me and simply laid her head down, looking up at me making the most ingratiately snoring type noises. She knows it's okay and she also know she'll get the last little tip of the cone.

I know she's indulged, but she's so good how can I say no?
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