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Wanted: Dog Friendly Advice about Williamsburg, VA

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:) Good News: We are going to Williamsburg for a few days and found someone to housesit.
:no: Bad News: House sitter is allergic to dog and the place we are staying in Williamsburg does not allow pets.

We decided we'd like to take our fun-loving, people-licking, golden with us and find a boarding situation where we could go get him several times a day to go for walks. At this time of year, Colonial Williamsburg is just beautiful and we enjoy just strolling down the streets and we have seen people walk their pets in that area.

I was hoping some members here might be familiar with Williamsburg and be able to suggest some good boarding kennels and also some other places we can take our boy for walks, hikes, and activities in the area. I've already called a few kennels that were listed on the Internet, but was hoping for some input from people who might live or have visited the area. Thank you!!
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No advice or recommendations, but Williamsburg is lovely. I've always wanted to visit during the winter. I've been there numerous times, but always in the spring or summer.
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